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Our philosophy

Irina Khä is a place rich in human exprience and exchanges located in Belgium.

The house has been collaborating for decades with the most famous fashion brands, luxury perfumers, authentic and innovative designers fro more than 35 years.
Notre philosophie
IRINA KHÄ and their partners are aligned on a same vision and the definition of what makes you stylish. Each item featured is selected with love and conviction.
Notre philosophie
At IRINA KHÄ, women can reinvent themselves, explore a side of their personnality, dare, try, and enjoy a dedicated moment thanks to a 100% personalized service.
Notre philosophie

Not a Collection...

Enjoy the clean, pure and unique fragrance of Not a Perfume in its various formats.

Not a Perfume is a fragrance composed of a single ingredient, cétalox. Usually relegated to the second role in the formulas, it plays here the main role... One of the only fragrances on the market with no allergens.

The iconic Juliette Fragrance!

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Acne Studios

The Scandinavian minimalism!

Acne Studios is a Stockholm-based house inspired by art, photography, architecture and contemporary culture. The brand's collections are the perfect balance between original maximalism and Scandinavian simplicity.

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