Dries van noten

Born in Antwerp in 1958 in a family of tailors and fashion professionals, Dries Van Noten quickly found his interest in designing clothes fashion. In 1976, he entered the Antwerp’s Royal Academy and began to work as a freelance designer for a Belgian manufacturer. After graduation, Dries Van Noten decided to produce his own line of blazers, shirts and trousers that met an immediate success in 1986. Then he has began to open his own boutiques in Antwerp, Paris, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong. Moreover, he collaborates with around 400 boutiques in cities such as New York, London, Milan, Berlin, Moscow…  We have a wide selection of Dries Van Noten products in our shop in Liège, Belgium. If you need informations, do not hesitate to contact us or send us an e-mail to shop@irina-kha.com.