Irina Khä, a family project specializing in luxury retail...

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Irina Khä, a family project specializing in luxury retail...

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Irina Khä has been operating for three generations and operates with a team of sales advisors dedicated to its customers... Discover her story!

“Our goal is to offer our customers an immersive, participatory and personalized purchasing experience”

Our desire to carry out these renovations dates back to 2020, three years ago already. In an ever-changing world, it's essential to stay ahead of the curve. Over the past ten years, we have recognized the need to adapt and evolve to meet the varied demands of our customers, including through our online store and social media. However, it was also crucial to adapt in the “real” world.

We then started from the premise that Irina Khä was 40 years old and that we had to mark the occasion! Even if the basic architecture was avant-garde, the functionality was no longer relevant. We had evolved but our space remained the same. The furniture organization had become outdated compared to our current offering, the shelves were no longer appropriate, the counter was becoming too small and we were running out of space for preparation. The windows were scratched, our spaces lacked light. With the development of ready-to-wear, bags, accessories, perfumes and jewelry, Irina Khä no longer offered this space that showcased them.

Not everything was thrown away of course. We have retained from the first construction site in 2006 the volumes and raw materials such as concrete, stone, glass and iron which guaranteed durability and authenticity. We added a more intellectual and refined dimension by combining marble and developing a notion of a luminous promenade full of surprises.

Our goal is to offer our customers an immersive, participatory and personalized shopping experience. Thanks to this walk, they can explore and discover each new step in the store.

“We offer a timeless environment, just like the wardrobe we offer for our customers.”

Ultimately, the decision to renovate today was driven by a need to improve the aesthetic of our store and a desire to elevate the customer experience, which aims to be impeccable while remaining simple and authentic.

The Valentiny architectural office created the Irina Khä project located at 12 rue du Pot d'Or in 2006. This project was carried out with excellence, and our intention was not to demolish the existing but to perfect it. It therefore seemed obvious to us to continue this collaboration. Our desire and our inspirations are the same: to make our city of Liège more beautiful.

The store was designed as a glass showcase, with windows more than 6 meters high, marked by an obvious modernist style: we visualize clean lines, geometric shapes, raw materials such as glass, stone, concrete, steel and aluminum.

We have a real fondness for the architect Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, the refined and timeless style of 20th century design. We have furnished our interior with iconic pieces such as the Barcelona armchair and chaise longue set or the Toio and Taccia lamps by Flos.

This consistency of styles makes it possible to create a simple, readable and elegant space. We offer a timeless environment, just like the wardrobe we offer for our customers.

Light plays a crucial role in these new renovations, it is deployed on two complementary levels: Artificial light is used to highlight our different ranges of perfumes, jewelry and bags, while natural light creates a contrast between the dark materials such as concrete, anthracite steel sheet, and lighter materials such as aluminum, wood and white marble.

New Flos lamps have been added to our collection of designer pieces. The “belt lamp” was chosen in natural leather to adorn our bag case, which echoes the material of the bags on display. The Luce cylindrical pendant light was applied above the counter and its light is reflected in the darkness of the steel sheet.

At the entrance, the jewelry and perfume counters made of sheet steel, a very heavy material, nevertheless seem to be delicately placed. The work of American sculptor Donald Judd, who emphasized the simplicity of forms by subtly reflecting light, inspired us.

In choosing our brands, in our purchases and in the layout of our store, we let ourselves be guided by our favorites and above all we favor strong pieces. The great Houses that we represent have left their mark on fashion history and continue to do so. In this same logic, we always keep in mind the importance of authenticity, whether in the materials and materials used or in the original creation, the starting point where it all began!

For us, the main thing is to love and adore what we choose. It is our leitmotif, our source of adrenaline and our passion. We are aware, however, that as a family our individual sensitivities may differ. This is why, before undertaking the renovation of our store, we went to London together. This immersion in an innovative, fast-paced metropolis like London allowed us to have in-depth discussions and reach consensus on exactly what we wanted for our store. 

"Fashion is part of our lives and it is much more than a dress, a jacket, a style, it is a commitment to oneself, an act of love towards oneself."

Irina Khä is an evolving concept which keeps the same guideline over the years, respecting its history and its values while being resolutely turned towards the future.

Today, as yesterday, the desire is to be part of a new generation of uninhibited and inspired brands, which shake up the boundaries between luxury and accessibility, heritage and innovation, expertise and simplicity.

Irina Khä wants to represent the great innovative Houses like an art gallery that highlights their talent and their unique vision. She believes that fashion can tell stories, evoke emotions and provoke thoughts.

Fashion is a fusion of creativity, style and individuality that inspires us. Fashion is a living art that allows everyone to express themselves and reinvent themselves.

When we work in a sector that fascinates us, we can say that every day we are inspired by the wonders that surround us, by the people we work with and those we meet on a daily basis.

Fashion is part of our lives and it is much more than a dress, a jacket, a style, it is a commitment to yourself, an act of love towards yourself.

We would like to thank the fantastic people we worked with during this project:

The Valentiny office and more particularly Ralph Gustin who took charge of the project.

The Xyllome team, Myriam Blavier and the carpenters, the Spiga Steel Inox company, the David Roth team from Damax as well as the Design Stone marble factory who accomplished their projects brilliantly and in a good mood.