Irina Khä (f.)


Respectful of its history and its values, but resolutely turned towards the future, Irina Khä is part of this new generation of uninhibited and inspired brands, which are shaking up the boundaries between luxury & accessibility, heritage & innovation, expertise & simplicity.

« A creative, lively vision of style, always in motion »


For more than 35 years, the family business Irina Khä has worked closely together and perpetuates the spirit of searching for the most beautiful combinations of materials and clothing styles, playing with codes, putting its fashion expertise at the service of a certain vision of beauty and style.

An imagination of constantly evolving alliances which compose and interpret a new beauty, joyfully creative of itself.

« Because we believe that style should not be experienced as a constraint, we offer a free and positive vision thanks to big names in fashion who have been with us for years »

At a time when “fast fashion” is omnipresent, Irina Khä is convinced that it is important to buy beauty and quality.



Anyone who lets themselves be tempted by its unique blends will have to leave happy and freer to truly be themselves. Unleash a woman's potential by giving her a look that will highlight her not always expressed personality... Select pieces that correspond to her true identity.

Behind Irina Khä hide three women, a transmission from a mother to her two daughters, it is the ultra fusional and touching touch of this House. They inspire each other with respect and curiosity. This bond and family values are felt and transmitted to each member of the team and therefore also within the brand.

The creations are chosen based on what resembles them, what connects them, this innate taste for noble materials, cuts, beauty, this “je ne sais quoi” which makes all the difference.

“Our real difference is the immense choice we offer, with premium brands and real, ultra-personalized advice”

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