The Power of Noble Materials

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The Power of Noble Materials

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Light on the Craftsmanship and Attention to Detail of Majestic Filatures, Private 0204, Extreme Cashmere, and Many Others...

Labels like Majestic Filatures, Private 0204, and Extreme Cashmere emphasize the importance of fine materials in the design of their garments. For these brands, the quality of fabrics is an absolute priority as it not only influences the visual appearance of the clothing but also their comfort and durability.

Majestic Filatures epitomizes comfort and elegance.

This French brand is renowned for its luxury basics, crafted from exceptional raw materials. From soft cotton to impeccable cuts, each piece from Majestic Filatures is a tribute to simplicity and artisanal craftsmanship.

"Since 1989, Majestic Filatures has traversed epochs and styles without concern for being fashionable, but rather focusing on remaining so!"

 In the beginning, the Parisian workshop crafted pieces for other renowned brands such as Rykiel and Dior. However, in the endeavor to remain true to the essence of the brand - that of making high-end accessible, with European manufacturing and uncompromising quality - Roland Chelly, the founder of the label, had the innovative idea to create his own yarns.

Pieces highlighting comfort, well-being, and the finesse of materials.

Originally crafted mainly from cotton, the collections evolve over seasons to incorporate meticulously crafted blends of noble and natural fibers such as wool, cashmere, silk, linen, viscose, and many more.

Private 0204 embodies the art of urban minimalism.

Each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Blankets, throws, and scarves made from pure "slow cashmere," offering an unparalleled feeling of softness and warmth.

The term "slow cashmere" refers to a slow and thoughtful production approach for cashmere clothing. It aligns with the "slow fashion" movement, advocating for more conscious, environmentally friendly, and ethical fashion.

Manufactured in Italy on rare looms dating back to the 1950s, these pieces are then washed and finished by Private 0204 in Copenhagen. The result? Exceptional creations imbued with quality, authenticity, and artisanal craftsmanship.

"Sit back, relax, close your eyes, and enjoy the exceptional softness of natural fibers."

Extreme Cashmere embodies casual luxury.

This Dutch brand is synonymous with ultimate comfort and superior quality, with its high-quality cashmere sweaters and cardigans. From contemporary cuts to luxurious textures, each piece from Extreme Cashmere offers a sensation of softness and casual elegance.

"No limits no concessions."

Founded by Saskia Dijkstra in 2016, she dreamt of designing a cashmere sweater according to her own criteria. No more compromises on color and design, no more sacrificing quality for price.

After creating her first sweater, the Crew Hop, it proved to fit almost everyone who tried it on. This marked the beginning of the Extreme Cashmere concept: producing everything in one size for everyone and every body type.

The high-quality, durable cashmere comes from goats living in the mountains of the Inner Mongolian region of China. Winters there are extremely cold, and summers very hot. When the goats shed their winter coats, the longest cashmere fibers from their neck and abdomen are harvested.

Though each brand has its own identity and distinct aesthetic, Majestic Filatures, Private 0204, and Extreme Cashmere share a common commitment to artisanal craftsmanship, quality materials, and attention to detail.