Still small holes? Irina Khä's Piercing Party is for you

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Still small holes? Irina Khä's Piercing Party is for you

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And if, like us, you never have enough (even if, eventually, space starts to run out) you will love the piercing party concept thought by Irina Khä and Joaillerie Piron.

Because it's been a long time since the accumulation of piercings is no longer the prerogative of punks (with or without a dog) and from now on, it would even rather be the height of nonchalant elegance that Morgane and Salomé Lindenberg, the girls elders of the founders of Irina Khä, embody them wonderfully. And offer their customers their first piercing party, which is also an opportunity to unveil the collection of piercings that they imagined in collaboration with Piron jewelry.

“The idea came to us because we wanted to create a discreet, refined, timeless and quality drill” confides Morgane. Who is well placed to know how necessary it is: “Salomé, my sister, has already had her ears pierced several times, and systematically her holes become infected and then blocked because she reacts directly when it is not not gold. By talking to several people, we realized that she was not the only one in this situation…”

“In addition, each and every one of us heals at our own pace. Personally, I've always had piercings that took forever to heal, so I might as well have a pretty, sparkly, characterful ear cuff for months rather than a mundane chip in a lobe compressed by the gun."

“That’s when it occurred to us to create our own drills, unique and very high quality models,” continues the Liégeoise.

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“The name of each piece was thought of with humor, in reference to pop culture. For example, the little cross is a nod to the singer from Gossip, while the star is called Barbie... We had a lot of fun naming our creations,” smiles her younger sister, Salomé. For whom collaborating with Piron Joaillerie was obvious, “on the one hand because we love the selection they offer in store, and on the other hand because they work like us, as a family. We have the same language, the same desire to develop Liège and the same relationship to the authenticity of the product. Moreover, our pieces exist thanks to the know-how of Liège artisans.”

piercing party irina khä joaillerie piron

Craftsmanship, gold and cut stones: obviously, this quality has a price. The collection of piercings starts at 325 euros per piece of jewelry, installation included. Budget-wise, we are clearly above the prices of ordinary drills, but ultimately, not that much: for this price, we can either afford four little soulless jewels distributed in the cartilage, or opt for a luxury piece, made in Liège and with a look that is out of the ordinary. It’s up to everyone to do their own calculations…


What if you don't have enough funds now? Don't worry: the piercing party, which will be held this Friday, October 20 at Irina Khä, is not so much a single event as the launch of a series of chic and cool meetings.

“It’s the beginning of many other evenings, one evening per month for those who cannot come on the 20th or who still want to think a little,” explains Salomé Lindenberg. “Doing a piercing is not trivial, it remains a surgical procedure, which is why we decided to collaborate with Vanessa M Bodypiercing, a professional piercer who has her own salon, Sacred Moon, and who performs each piercing using "needle, a much less traumatic method for the vessels".

Want to be there? Contact the Irina Khä boutique on 04/221.21.35 and make an appointment for October 20 between 5 and 7:30 p.m.

“If we don’t have a place, you can still come to see how the evening unfolds and discover the creations. You will then be the first to receive the dates of the next piercing parties” shares Salomé again. Which specifies that “the price of the piercing includes the transformation of it into an earring. The day you want to change it, come and bring us your piercing and we will transform it.” This is a brilliant idea!

Irina Khä, rue du Pot d’Or 12, 4000 Liège

Piron Joaillerie, rue des Dominicains 3, 4000 Liège

Vanessa M Bodypiercing – Sacred Moon, avenue Laboulle 95, 4130 Esneux