L'Artisan Parfumeur

Il était un bois 100ml

Immerse yourself in an enveloping sensory experience with l'Artisan Parfumeur's new fragrance "Il était un bois", where each note is an invitation to explore the depths of wood in all its splendor. This captivating fragrance takes you on an unparalleled olfactory journey, revealing the warmest, most bewitching nuances of vetiver, the delicious richness of gourmand buckwheat and the timeless majesty of cedar. Each inhalation transports you further into this olfactory symphony, where accords blend in unprecedented harmony, creating a sensory imprint that awakens the senses and captivates the mind. Let yourself be carried away by this ode to wood, where each essence tells a story and each note evokes an emotion, for an incomparable fragrance experience.