Irina Khä backstages: the story behind the Christmas displays ....

Christmas Holidays

Irina Khä backstages: the story behind the Christmas displays ....

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A nature comeback with a touch of madness and a good dose of optimism! For this holiday season, we interviewed Catherine Lindenberg, the genius behind the Christmas displays...

In three words, what is this year's theme?  

C.L. : A comeback to nature with a touch of madness and a good dose of optimism!

What inspires you to do such a project?

C.L. : Since my childhood, this time of year has always been synonymous with a fantastic display. At this time of year, we are all amazed by the beauty of the light-filled streets and the fairy-tale spirit of the holiday season. They brighten hearts and bring light to everyone. 

Why is it so important for IRINA KHÄ to put so much effort in the realization of the end of year displays? What are the values you want to share? 

C.L. : In my opinion, the end of year celebrations are in line with the values of IRINA KHÄ: first of all, the family ones, with the conviviality, the sharing and the benevolence. Then, it is true that inventing a new and different display every year stimulates creativity and innovation which are also part of our values.

The IRINA KHÄ displays are very well known in Liege... How do you explain such a notoriety ? 

C.L. : We strive for excellence, doing things with heart, and apparently it touches the sensibilities of many people. By the way, I thank those who follow us and post wonderful comments about our windows on social media!

What are the raw materials used?

C.L. : Bark, moss, beech branches are local plants. These are raw and natural materials, just like the architecture of our store which is made of glass, concrete, wood and stone! This year we added thistle which symbolizes strength, reminiscence and protection. I think everyone needs this positive energy right now.

Are these displays a continuation of your style? 

C.L. : We have been working with "Le Lys Royal" for years and it has always been a pleasure to share this creative moment with them. "Le Lys Royal" follows our ideas, understands them, and together we develop wonderful creations.