Discover the Frédéric Malle universe...

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Discover the Frédéric Malle universe...

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The mission of Editions de Parfums is to create fragrances from the perspective of true works of art, offering total freedom to renowned perfumers, without any hindrance to their creativity...

In 1999, Frédéric Malle established Editions de Parfums, inspired by the model of literary publishing houses. In his vision, perfumers, who we call "Nose", are considered authors in their own right.

Its role is to identify the most talented perfumers of our time and to collaborate closely with them to create entirely original perfumes, imbued with undeniable modernity. Like a knowledgeable editor, Frédéric Malle pushes each of these creators to push their own limits, because his conception of perfume is rigorous, admitting no compromise: it is based on freedom of expression and precision.

For Frédéric Malle, perfume is a work of art in its own right. He is the descendant of an illustrious family of industrialists, artists and perfumers, thus representing the third generation of perfumery experts. His grandfather founded the famous house Parfums Christian Dior, while his mother later took charge of the artistic direction of Dior.

Frédéric Malle acquired solid experience within renowned laboratories before creating Editions de Parfums Frédéric Malle in 1999. He took this initiative in reaction to the "commodification" of perfume in the 90s, when perfume became a product of mass consumption, relegating the quality of the perfume to the background in favor of the brand image. The notion of perfume as a work of art was in danger of disappearing.

Thus, Frédéric Malle decided to launch his own brand with the following objectives:

  • Favoring original quality, letting perfumers express their creativity by once again using the rarest natural essences and the latest synthetic molecules.
  • Celebrating the greatness of a true perfume.
  • Honor perfume creators by recognizing them as artists and allowing them to sign their creations with their own names.
  • Present perfumes in bottles with a refined design, inspired by Bauhaus, a minimalist aesthetic designed to highlight the perfume itself.
  • Entering the world of Frédéric Malle means embracing your own freedom, your style, and discovering the perfume that expresses your singularity, resonates with your intimacy, and marks your identity.